PS 2 Updates 5/22/14

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PS 2 Updates 5/22/14

Post by Cspike on Thu May 22, 2014 4:46 pm

Combat Medic Regeneration Field device now available in the ability slot

This deployable creates a nanite field that regenerates ally shields; each cert rank increases the regeneration rate


    Effectively removed drop caps from loot drops
    Implant tooltips on the reveal screen are now properly aligned
    VS Heavy Assault damage delay with regeneration implant fixed
Weapon updates

HS/NV sight again available for the TRS-12 Uppercut

NS Baron: Weapon sights now available for SC purchase

NS Baron: MH2 Reflex Sight (2x) and TMS (4x) should now properly unlock

Dual 75 Duster can now be trialed

Dual 75 Duster TR rank 4 zoom optic is now purchasable

Bug fixes

Fixed issue where scout radars and proximity radars were not detecting at the correct ranges

Retuned explosion audio variants


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